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et Force Gemini revolves around the Jet Force Gemini team attempting to defeat the evil leader Mizar and his horde of Drones. Jet Force Gemini is composed of three main characters: Juno, a taciturn human male whose parents were killed by space pirates that invaded his home station; Vela, Juno’s feisty twin sister; and Lupus, Jet Force Gemini’s wardog mascot. The game begins with the three characters in orbit around the planet Goldwood after barely escaping the destruction of the entire Jet Force fleet at the hands of Mizar. Their ship has been damaged, leaving them defenseless and unable to warp out of the system. It is not long before the team witnesses Mizar’s attack on Goldwood. Soon afterwards, their cruiser is attacked by a large craft of Mizar’s. Boarded by drones and out of time, the three decide to abandon the ship and go off on their own separate paths to stop the invasion

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