Micro Machines 64 Turbo


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With a quirky mix of toy car racers and sophisticated game play, Micro Machines 64 Turbo guarantees to be a refreshing addition to the stable of standard racing games. The wide variety of vehicles featured includes Formula 1 racers, speed boats, monster trucks, tanks, and ice cream trucks. Choose from 25 whimsical tracks, which run the gamut from a kitchen table to a chemistry lab, each including the appropriate props to match the d¿cor. Such detail rich touches keep this game interesting, even to the most jaded gamer. Belying the kiddie car appearance, the game requires you to plan strategically if you want to emerge the winner, making good use of the weapons at your disposal. You must also negotiate sharp turns and avoid hazards if you want to emerge victorious. Multiplayer races comprise of several quick heats, and if you win enough of them you win the race. There is even a Controller share option so that eight players can race their own vehicles simultaneously.

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