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Secret of Evermore takes many of its interface and gameplay aspects from Secret of Mana.[4] The game mostly consists of an aerial view setting, in which the boy and his dog negotiate the terrain and fend off hostile creatures. If the boy is currently selected as the player character, his dog will be controlled by the artificial intelligence, and vice versa. Both characters can find refuge in caves or a town, where they can regain their hit points or purchase restorative items and equipment. Upon collecting enough experience points in battle, either character can increase in level with improved stats such as strength and evasion. Options including changing equipment, casting alchemy spells, or checking status can be quickly performed by rotating through the game’s Action Ring system.[5] Combat takes place in real-time. Located below the players hit points is a percentage gauge that determines the amount of damage done to an enemy, as well as how far the player can run. Swinging a weapon or running causes the gauge to fall to 0% and then quickly recharges, allowing the character to attack at full strength or to run at full sprint once it is full. The gauge may also fill up to allowing the player to use charged attacks with equipped weapons

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